Solar Power Integrated with Metal Roofing

We offer the latest in solar technology with photovoltaic (PV) “Thin Film” laminates. Photovoltaic laminates are a flexible, lightweight, durable alternative to the unsightly solar panels of yesterday. Thin film solar laminates fit perfectly in between the panels of our standing seam metal roofs, leaving your home beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Our UNISOLAR thin film solar panels come with a 20 year output warranty to ensure the productivity and efficiency of your home’s solar power system.

Tax incentives
There are many federal and state tax incentives to installing solar panels on your home in Delaware. In Delaware, the state will generally pay up to 25% of cost for the solar project. You are also eligible for federal tax credits for up to 30% of the solar project, with no limit.

Return on Investment
Earning your return on investment with a solar project is now easier than ever.

The cost of solar technology has been decreasing over recent years, and with the great federal and state tax incentives, homeowners can have solar panels added to their home for a fraction of the cost.

When implementing a solar panel system into your home there are a few things homeowners need to consider:

  • The amount of sunlight your house receives
  • The positioning and size of the panels
  • Energy usage habits of the household

Having a good understanding of these variables will be helpful when you sit down with a roofing expert from Global Home Improvement to discuss your roofing options.